NotSOconservatory works with a manufacturer that has been founded on 25 years of experience within the Glazing industry.

Our products and component parts have been designed by specialist and prominent engineers within this field and through close collaboration we have developed four fully aluminium systems.

Revolutionising Glass Room, Pergola, Canopy, Carport and Veranda structures, these all-Aluminium systems benefit from top quality performance, clinically sharp aesthetics, a maintenance-free robust finish, exceptional durability and life expectancy and significant cost-savings arising from the speed at which these can be installed. 

We offer a 10 year guarantee for each product.

We are also passionate about supporting environmentally friendly housing, which is why we offer products that provide Passive Heating, to reduce the reliance on traditional gas and electric heating.

Additionally, we have made a pledge to donate future funds to environmental projects that encourage greener living. Contact us to find out more about the charities we are supporting.