We offer a wide range of Glass Rooms and Garden Rooms in Colchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Essex and Suffolk to suit all styles and budgets, to provide you with either a completely enclosed room or an area connected to the outside via a veranda. You can choose a specific roof, wall and main door that suits your tastes and the temperature that makes you feel comfortable.

Roof options

For example, we offer polycarbonate roofs, which deflect the sun’s harsher rays, so that you don’t feel too hot in the summer, but still allow you to feel warm inside the Glassroom.

Additionally, you can add a motorised shade to the roof, to create more shade during the hot months or when you need to sleep in the room overnight. We also offer motorised roofs that can be automated to be open, closed or slanted, depending on your needs.


The walls can also be made out of glass, polycarbonate or alumunium, depending on what suits you best. Click on the Bioclimatic Pergolas link to find out the options for a room that is designed specifically on providing the best temperature for you.


The best option is a gliding sliding door for style and again to help you transform the Glassroom into either a room or an extension of your garden, so it feels more like a cover during the hot months.

These work more effective than bi-fold doors or traditional doors because you can choose which end of the room you want to slide the different doors to. For example, you could push them all to the left or ride side. If you have five doors, you could pull them across to provide space on one side, or push them all to the middle, so you can allow air in either side.

The sliding doors are also lockable, to provide you with added security.

Read more about our Bioclimatic Pergolas for information on the different options for doors, such as zip screens.

Multiple uses

Each of our stunning wall mounted structures are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications.

For example, they could be perfect for adult and children’s parties, or use as a swimming pool canopy due to the large 6m span between posts. Providing this amount of space leaves the view of your garden and surrounding areas untouched.

The glass sliding doors enable to you use your outdoor pool all year round even in the snow or rain whilst watching the snowfall or hearing the relaxing rainfall whilst you take a dip.

Another advantage of its 6m span and unlimited length is that it allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round, in all weather conditions. 

It is also ideal for a variety of applications including:

  • Veranda and Garden Canopies
  • Enclosed Play Areas
  • Spa/Yoga and Sports Canopies
  • Al Fresco Dining Areas
  • Outdoor Sales/Display Areas Swimming Pool Cove

Benefits of Classroom ranges:

  • All-Aluminium System: They are only manufactured from aluminium to offer exceptional longevity and easy maintenance.
  • Sliding Glass Doors: Enclosed with sliding glass doors that can be completely opened in pleasant weather conditions and closed on colder days.
  • Full 10 Year Guarantee and a 25 Year Life Expectancy: We use the highest grade of materials possible to ensure the Simplicity Alfresco is built to last.
  • Choice of Roof Panels: Choose from 8mm toughened glass or 35mm structured polycarbonate roof panels

System Features:

  • Toughened Glass – The 8mm glass roof panels are toughened during manufacturing and achieve Class 1 BS EN 12600 for impact performance
  • Polycarbonate – The 35mm structured polycarbonate is vandal and shatter resistant
  • Lockable, Sliding Doors – The Simplicity Alfresco Glass Room features lockable glass sliding doors that are seamless and highly contemporary
  • High Light Transmittance – All roof options offer high light transmittance 6m Projection – With 6m between posts for an uninterrupted view
  • Wide Range of Colour Options – The aluminium frame can be finished to any BS or RAL colour

Contact us now to find out more about our products and how we can meet your specific requirements.