Our car port system has been carefully designed by the UK’s leading aluminium extrusion specialist to offer unbeatable durability and versatility.

Featuring 35mm polycarbonate roof panels, a robust all-aluminium frame and a guttering system, it can be installed to any length with a projection of up to 6 metres. This expertly designed product also features the simplest fixing system possible, enabling a fast and trouble-free installation.

It creates effective shelter from the rain and snow and offers high UV protection. Its unique design also allows it to fix easily around corners and alcoves to offer complete uninterrupted cover. Contact us now to find out more about our products and how we can meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of our Car port

All-Aluminium System: It is only manufactured from aluminium to offer exceptional longevity and easy maintenance.

Robust Aluminium Roof System: The roofing system is strong enough to be walked on, with the use of boards, so that it can be used as a means of escape and maintenance.

Full 10 Year Guarantee and a 25 Year Life Expectancy: We use the highest grade of materials possible to ensure the Simplicity 35 is built to last.

Impact Resistance: Our 35mm structured polycarbonate has been independently tested and is guaranteed to withstand (simulated) conditions produced using a 20mm diameter shot travelling at 21 m/s.

Superior Wind and Snow Lading Capacity: The Simplicity 35 polycarbonate is block edged to give a hard edge on both sides of the panel – which provides a much stronger roof system for improved snow loading capabilities.


System Features: 

Large Projection – Projection of up to 6 metres to create large shaded areas if requiredHigh UV Protection – A layer of UV absorber on the panels protects those underneath from the sun and prevents the panel yellowing and losing strengthIntegral Aluminium Guttering – Saves time on installation and creates an attractive, sleek design that is also stronger than an external gutter system

Simple Fixing System with Minimal Parts – For a quick and easy installation 35mm Structured Polycarbonate Roofing – Available in clear, opal and bronze

Wide range of Colour Options – The Simplicity 35 framework can be finished in any RAL colour

Victorian Upgrade Available – Add stylish and ornate Victorian style posts to the structure to fit in with more traditional settings.