1. Notsoconservatory does not accept responsibility for damage or defects caused by misuse, alteration or the negligence of the customer or a third party (such as an installer other than the company).

2. Customers are advised that the company will exercise reasonable care and skill in carrying out its pre-installation site inspection but does not accept responsibility for any existing structural defects in the customer’s building or in the existing electrical installation. If subterranean groundworks are required for the purpose of the foundation, drainage or any other reason and an impediment to these works, that could not reasonably have been noticed in advance, an alteration to the installation plans may need to be made, with any additional costs agreed in advance of the work progressing.

3. The company will make every effort to deliver and/or install the goods on the date given in this agreement but cannot be held responsible for delays due to circumstances outside of the company’s control. In this case, the company will contact the customer and agree an alternative date which shall be as soon as reasonably possible.

4. If the company has agreed to install and supply the goods, the customer will be responsible for the goods as soon as the installation is completed. If the goods are damaged while they are on the customer’s premises between delivery and installation, the company shall be responsible only for such damage or defects as are caused by the company’s negligence and shall not be responsible for the theft of any delivered goods from the customer’s property.

5. Where the company as agreed to supply and install the goods, the company will ensure that the quality of the goods supplied will be of a satisfactory standard and also the goods shall be installed at the customer’s home to a satisfactory standard.

6. PLANNING APPLICATION: It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the company of any factors which may determine where a planning application will be necessary. E.g. Whether the building is listed, exists within a conservation area or whether all permitted development for the property has already been used.

7. If you do not inform the company of any fact which would have rendered the submission of a planning application necessary, the company shall be entitled to assume, without further enquiry, that it shall not have to obtain any consent or approval before carrying out the installation. The company will accept no liability in the event of the enforcement action from a local authority or other regulatory body unless it was in possession of knowledge which meant it ought reasonable to have known an application would be necessary.