Free standing carports offer flexibility as they do not need to be fixed to a supporting wall, however because they have more posts they can be expensive and so they are not the most cost effective option.

Freestanding canopy benefits for your customers:

  • As these canopies can be used whatever the weather, your customers can enjoy the outside area even in wet weather instead of grabbing an umbrella to stand under
  • The canopy also adds a handy solution for storing outside products and furniture from various issues such as bird droppings, tree sap, snow, rain and UV rays that may cause fading damage to their products
  • A high quality structure installed at their home will add value to their property for the future when they decide to sell
  • As mentioned previously, the roofing on the canopies have a high UV protective filter which will protect your customers during the hotter months especially
  • Because the canopy is guaranteed, they get a reliable and long lasting product for many years to come.