Are you tired of your conservatory because it now seems dated? If so, then we can help you to build a contemporary new glass room with more style and finesse.

Our experienced builders have years of experience of taking down old structures and building new ones. We will be able to take your old room down and work with you design something much better in its place.

We can also help with the following upgrades:

  • We offer Victorian upgrade to enables our modern structures to fit in with traditional, period style houses
  • We offer a variety of frame colour options that allow you to choose an exact match to your existing colour scheme or alternately, to use a contrasting colour
  • We offer square posts, which are perfect for contemporary houses to add a sharp, modern appearance to your carport, canopy or veranda, so it fits in with your home seamlessly.

We can pretty much create anything to suit your needs and we like being creative to bring your vision to life. So please contact us to discuss what you would like.